About Aidan


Aidan Io Blum is a Chemical Engineer, freelance photographer, blogger, and mind blowing "veganish" coffee addict out of the greater Detroit area.  A part time traveler, hiker, and overall adventurer; he finds his greatest joy in minimalism, self reliance, and a good glass of sangiovese wine.  

His love for nature and environmental sustainability began in early childhood, but it was not until going to university that he developed his love for outdoor adventure.  


Forgetting it wasn't 1846, he went out west for school, and attended the University of Arizona in Tucson.  At which, he fell in love with exploration of the pristine wilderness of the area.

Coming back to Detroit to start working as a Chemical Project Engineer, he has had to readjust himself to crazy things like humidity and cold weather.

Follow along for minimalist recipes, travel tips, and stories of exploration!


1-Mar-2017: I was recently featured in the NACD's Chemical Distributor Magazine!