An Argument: I Ride My Bike Everywhere, and Why You Should Too


Biking is love, biking is happiness, biking is life.  Of the amazing things in this world, biking as a form of transport is really amazing.  Now that I have gotten all of my bias clearly shown to you, let's get into the real tofu and potatoes of why I love biking.


As of the time of writing this article, the cost of driving a car is 60.8 cents per mile.  Now that does not mean that every car will cost you exactly that amount, but on average when you drive a car that is the cost per mile.  It is interesting to find out that the cost of riding a bicycle has been estimated to be around 5 to 10 cents per mile.  The cost savings of riding a bicycle; rather than, a car is significant.


Cars do this thing that is both amazing and terrible, they drive with no effort on your part.  This is great when tired, but terrible when exercise is needed - you know - for a healthy life.  This is one of the best parts of bikes.  Bikes run off your extra calories, and keep you thin.


One of the best parts of riding a bike is the ease of parking in almost any location.  Every week I ride my bike to the local grocery store in downtown Grosse Pointe.  There parking in downtown Grosse Pointe has one major problem: it's not free.  But, the best part is that I can park my bike for free.  But beyond this, its even nicer in that often times there is no parking in the city; however, bike parking always exists.  The small size of a bike also allows for them to easily be walked or ridden to just about any location, normally much closer to the store.

A very easy way to park a bike just outside the grocery store!

A very easy way to park a bike just outside the grocery store!

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