Lifestyle: I Am Now a Cartoon Character

I know what your thinking, "Aidan how did you become Flat Stanley and enter the 2D world of animation?"  Or, maybe you are literally any normal person - not like me - and thought what the hell are you talking about Aidan?  Well, let me go into detail about how I become a cartoon character, and how its changed my life.

Okay, so I'm not really a 2D cartoon animation, but I now dress like one, either that or Steve Jobs.  Recently, I wanted to downsize my, already downsized, wardrobe.  I wanted to get the maximum utility and least number of clothes I could.  I wanted a wardrobe that I didn't need to think about, and that I could have any single piece of clothing work with any other piece for a perfect outfit.  I made the realization that what I wanted was to essentially wear the same thing every day.

So, I made it happen.  I bought eight white V neck t-shirts, two grey-green jeans, two grey shorts, two blue chambray  button up shirts, & two grey sweaters.  I then set off in what has become the best wardrobe choice in my life.

But seriously though, let's break this down...

Shirts & Sweaters

 H&M Chambray Button-up x 2

H&M Chambray Button-up x 2

So the shirts, yes the shirts.  I took a look at my old wardrobe, and I realized that I had way too many of them.  The realization of that came with the fact that I really only ever wore between seven and eight of them.  So after some thought, I came realized that I could switch up my wardrobe to have only eight base layer shirts with a couple mid layer shirts mixed in to add some weather proofing and style.  

I realized the best color for a base layer shirt would be white due to its ability to hide under just about any other color mid layer: particularly my one white dress shirt.  In an attempt to add some style to the base layer as well, I went with the v-neck t-shirt.  So here I started down the path of a simple wardrobe.  I just needed to figure out the best mid layer shirts for changing seasons in the Detroit area.

So with that in mind, I knew I needed sweaters and a basic casual button up.  I wanted to keep these items minimal, so I did something crazy.  I only got two of each, and I wear each one multiple times between the week I go between for washing.  The reasoning for getting two of them is the same reason I have eight white shirts.  I will have one to wear when I do my once a week clothes washing with time to air dry.       

 H&M L.O.G.G Grey Sweater x 2

H&M L.O.G.G Grey Sweater x 2

Pants & Shorts

 Uniqlo Grey Shorts x 2

Uniqlo Grey Shorts x 2

My shorts and pants were chosen in a similar way, but color was also a major factor.  The real thing was, that I wanted to be able to wear my pants at work, so the blue jeans were out.  I needed something that would be both a casual city pants, but also a professional work pants.  The new khakis work great for this.  The shorts were just chosen based on the mach-ability with my other current clothing.  I can't wear shorts to work, since PPE is required in the field for chemical engineering.  So, I chose a darker grey shorts because I liked them.  Yes, that's it.  I liked them... Sue me.

Odds & Ends

 Uniqlo Grey Cartigan x 1

Uniqlo Grey Cartigan x 1

 Darn Tough Micro Crew Cushion x 8 and  Darn Tough Tab No Show Ultra-light  x 8

Darn Tough Micro Crew Cushion x 8 and Darn Tough Tab No Show Ultra-light x 8

The final odds and ends are my cardigan and my socks.  Yes, I suppose that my underwear are also a thing that would categorize as odds and ends, but you know what?  I'm not yet that the level that I can show my underwear on the internet.  Give it some time, and then we can talk.  

The real point here is that, my cardigan is a merino wool grey lightweight sweater for fall like conditions.  I was looking for somewhat that could carry me through the spring and autumn of the year, and I have to say that this does great.  The fact that it also can match my other clothes is just a bonus to me.

Finally, I have my socks.  I chose darn tough socks because they are the best on the market.  No, really they are the best on the market.  If they every wear out, Darn Tough will replace them free of charge.  These things are the best, and most comfortable, socks that I have every worn.  I fully suggest them, in any condition.  These socks work for both hiking in the outdoors to city streets.  They are the best investment money can buy.  

Now that I have shared my entire clothing lineup, I have to say I feel a little exposed, but I think that is a good thing.  Really, I have to say that the simplification of my clothing line has been an absolute great decision.  I now know what I will wear everyday, and it feels so liberating.  I no longer have to worry about the dumb decisions in life.  The, "What will I wear today?" is now gone, and it is replace with a pure - and easy - confidence in my outfit.  I know that simplifying your wardrobe is not for everyone.  It worked for me, but I'm sure that I have missed many things.  Comment on the post to let me know how I really screwed up this time please.  I'm always looking for suggestinons to improve the way I do things!

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